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We conduct a wide variety of public outreach events (talks, discussions, demonstrations, interactions, etc.) on climate change, urban sustainability, organic waste management, eco-friendly products and technologies, etc., both online and offline. Connect with us to know more!

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Climate Change & I

Dr. Priyadarshini Karve

In her talk, Dr. Priyadarshani Karve looks at climate change through different lenses. She talks about her invention, 'Samuchit Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator' as an impactful tool to combat this problem and not ignore the environment's crucial call!

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Samuchit Steam Cooker Stove

Featured Product

What does it do?

Cooks by steaming, up to three items at a time – slow cooking at low temperature leads to more tasty and nutritious food.

What is the cooking fuel?

Charcoal or char briquettes made from waste biomass.

How much fuel is required per meal?

About 100-150 g of charcoal/char briquettes is sufficient for cooking a meal

How much time is required per meal?

Cooking time – 1 hr, Time spend by the cook - 10 min.

What all can be cooked?

Rice, pulav, biryani, etc., lentils (daal), boiled/steamed/curried vegetables, fish, chicken, etc. steamed foods like idli, dhokla, etc., and many other items too!

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Cooking Energy Preference Mapping

Featured Service

Are you an NGO/CSR team/Donor working in the sector of clean cooking?

Do you know that in spite of LPG connections reaching a large number of poor households in India, traditional polluting cook stoves are still being lighted in a significantly large number of households across India?

We can help you to achieve a REAL change towards clean cooking in rural kitchens.

Cooking Energy Service Preference Mapping

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