Rural Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

  • Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation of rural development projects based on sustainable technologies.
  • Need Assessment based on a scientific methodology to identify appropriate cooking energy devices for a region/community.
  • Training and capacity building of staff for need assessment, monitoring, and follow up for technology-focused projects in rural areas.
  • Carbon accounting – businesses, organisations, events, urban households, etc.
  • Local data-based knowledge support for Sustainable and Low-Carbon Urbanisation
Third Party

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Field visits, interviews and group meetings with beneficiaries, stakeholders, local staff, etc.
  • Review of project documentation – reports, videos, photos, news coverage, social media coverage, etc.
  • Provide our assessment on – effectiveness of the intervention in achieving its goals, strengths and weaknesses of the on-field team, capacity building achieved in the field, any positive or negative side-effects, possible way forward.
Need Assessment

Cooking Energy

  • Are you an NGO/CSR team/Donor working in the sector of clean cooking? Do you know that in spite of LPG connections reaching a large number of poor households in India, traditional polluting cook stoves are still being lighted in a significantly large number of households across India? We can help you to achieve a REAL change towards clean cooking in rural kitchens.
Need Assessment

Rural Technologies

  • Help NGO/CSR team/Donor find the most suitable technology intervention as well as technology and know how supplier to address a felt-need in their area of work.
  • Specific expertise: Energy, Agriculture, Water, Food processing, etc.

Carbon Accounting

  • Paris Agreement mandates national governments across the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within each country, and also generate evidence for the same for global stocktaking.
  • Staying within the safety limit in the context of climate change in this century requires all businesses, organisations, and individual citizens to support the national efforts through proactive effort.
  • Carbon accounting is the tool used for tracking the greenhouse gas emissions as well as documenting increases / reductions on an annual basis.
  • We provide carbon accounting service as well as handhold a team in creating and operating a customised protocol for doing their own carbon accounting.
Sustainable and Low Carbon


  • Civil society organisations as well as citizen groups in many Tier 2/3 cities in India are trying to steer the local municipal corporations in the direction of sustainable / low carbon urbanisation.
  • It is important that such efforts be rooted in sound scientific analysis based on locally available data.
  • We provide knowledge support to such groups in (a) identifying the most critical interventions needed and (b) creating an advocacy strategy to influence local policymaking.