Samuchit Enviro Tech

Samuchit Enviro Tech

Enabling Sustainability

Samuchit Enviro Tech

A social enterprise

Samuchit Enviro Tech is a social enterprise, working in India, since 2005. We are focused on enabling individuals, households, institutions, and small businesses to embrace sustainability in their daily activities. While the majority of our activities are focused in western India, we have been involved with a number of pan-India projects as well as projects in other countries in Asia and Africa, either as service/product providers or as consultants/advisers.

We work in both rural and urban segments. Our rural work is primarily focused on technology consultancy and training in the areas of decentralised renewable energy for household energy services, and climate aligned agriculture. Our urban work is primarily focused on organic waste management technologies, and capacity building, policy advocacy on climate aligned and sustainable urbanisation.


Providing eco-friendly products and services

Samuchit wants to create and efficiently manage 'gateways' providing eco-friendly products and services in India and other countries, so as to enable individuals, communities, and businesses to be environmentally sustainable.