Aarahona Upcycled Bags



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 A lot of waste generation is pre-destined in the urban societies by our lifestyle and  work processes. Recycling and reuse have their own limitations and costs.  Upcycling however provides an interesting alternative, that not only manages your  waste sustainably, but also reduces use of virgin resources without compromising  on aesthetics and functionality. 

We are promoting upcycled products from Aarohana Ecosocial Developments. These products (everything from trendy clutch and sling purses to  elegant laptop bags to sturdy shopping bags) are made from waste plastic carry  bags and PET bottles. The unique upcycling process uses traditional manually  operated spinning wheel (charkha) to convert the wastes into 'thread' and handloom (haatmaag) to weave a 'cloth'.


The 'cloth' is then used for making a wide variety of designer bags.


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