Renewable charcoal products from garden/tree waste

We provide consultancy as well as equipment for setting up your own production unit of renewable charcoal based products.

Raw materials: agricultural waste, leaf litter, dry grass, pine needles, dry sticks and twigs, waste of timber industry, waste of bamboo processing, etc.


Char Briquettes for use as fuel for charcoal stoves and barbecue. Char Briquettes: INR 50 per kg

Organic Deodoriser: INR 30 per piece.

Organic Incense Sticks: INR 30 per packet (50 g)

Renewable Charcoal Products July 2017



Picture: Charring kiln in operation

Ideally suited for livelihood generation for per-urban or urban unskilled/semi-literate youth. 

Samuchit charring kiln in operation


 Consultancy Charge for setting up production unit (including hardware): INR 60,000 + tax as     applicable + travel and transport. 

 Please contact us for prices for individual components of the hardware (charring kiln, processing   machinery, briquetting machine, etc).

 We also sell the end products, and will support you with marketing if your production unit is within   100 km of Pune.