Samuchit Steam-Cooker Stove

Fuel used: Charcoal or char briquettes
Quantity: 100-150 g per meal
Food items cooked: Up to three items at a time. Everything that is cooked by boiling or steaming can be cooked. For example, rice, pulses (dal), potatoes, corn, eggs, chicken, fish, etc. 
Cooking time: 1 hr (no attention is require once the fuel is lighted and cooker is set up on the stove). 
Unique Features: 
Smokeless operation. Can be operated safely in a modern urban kitchen, or in rural setting. 
Due to slow cooking on steam, taste and nutritional value is retained. 
In spite of slow cooking, due to attention-free operation, cook's time is saved. 
Picture below: Cooker in assembled form (left) and with its components (right)
Samuchit Steam Cooker Stove