Samuchit Sarai System - Jumbo

Samuchit Sarai is now available in a Jumbo avatar!

  • Jumbo Sarai is a steam cooker which can cook about 2 kg of rice, dal, etc. at one time, using only about 500g of charcoal/char briquettes.
  • The three pot stand gives flexibility to cook three different items like rice and rice based items, pulses, vegetables, potatoes, corn, meat and meat based items, eggs, idli, dhokla, cake, modak or dumplings,  etc. simultaneously.
  • No attention required once set up; resulting in effective time saving.
  • Useful for bulk cooking for a small eatery or food processing business or for a group of children in a village crèche or a small school.
sarai jumbo total
sarai jumbo parts