Biogas for institutional/commercial cooking


We supply customised solution to convert your institute/commercial establishment's kitchen and food waste into cooking energy to reduce your dependence on commercial priced LPG. In and around Pune-Mumbai area, India, we can provide customised designs as well as installation support.

For other parts of India and the world, we provide design consultancy to suggest the best design to get optimum waste management/energy generation service, as per client's requirement.

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Biogas for Households

We supply a household biogas plant kit consisting of connectors for inlets and outlets, drain valve, gas cock assembly, and a single burner biogas stove. The kit also includes an instructional video for constructing your own biogas plant. The digester and gas holder tanks and inlet and outlet pipes have to be purchased locally. You only need some knowledge of plumbing and you can do it yourself! Hundreds of people across the world have constructed their own biogas plants from the instructional video and are happily using them.

MRP of kit (packaging and transport extra): INR 4000 (USD 80)

The biogas technology which we promote is based on the Internationally acclaimed compact biogas technology originally developed by Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI). In and around Pune city, installation and servicing support is also be provided.

Components included in the biogas kit

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Household Biogas – Terrace Model

  • Size: 1 m3 digester
  • Capacity: upto 2 kg kitchen waste
  • Quantity of gas produced: upto 1 kg biogas, capable of replacing 300 g of LPG.
  • Depending on type of cooking done, either breakfast or one meal can be cooked entirely on biogas.
  • Requires space on open terrace with good load bearing capacity or open to sunlight area of land – about 2-3 m.

Household Biogas – Balcony Model

balcony model

  • Size: 0.5 m3 digester
  • Capacity: upto 1 kg kitchen waste
  • Quantity of gas produced: upto 0.5 kg biogas, capable of replacing about 150 g of LPG.
  • Depending on type of cooking done, about 30 min of cooking (tea, snacks, etc.) can be done.
  • Easily fits into a balcony.

Sampada Gasifier Stove


This is a portable metallic stove. The fuel should be in the form of dry woody twigs, or wood shavings or wood chips. The fuel is put into the fuel chamber and lighted from the top. One full charge of fuel keeps the stove in operation for about 1 hour. The special feature of the stove is that charcoal is left behind in the fuel holder after the stove operation. Thus, the stove not only delivers clean cooking but also produces a valuable by-product in the form of charcoal.

Details in brief:

  • Stainless steel outer body, mild steel fuel chamber
  • Fuel: Wood chips, pellets, biomass briquettes, small twigs, wood chunks, etc.
  • Charcoal produced as a by-product

sampadastove1Features of Sampada Stove

Source of Additional income

After cooking, charcoal is left behind in fuel holder. Burning 1 kg of wood, leaves 200 g of charcoal.
Cost of fuel wood (1 kg) = INR 2
Value of charcoal by-product (200 gm) = INR 3
Hence, profit earned / kg used fuel = INR 1

A clean cooking device

Emission Results
(for cooking 2.5 lit of food)
mustardarrow CO = 8.1 gm
Particulate Matter = 69 mg

MRP of Sampada Gasifier Stove : INR 2150 (USD 43) (packaging and transport extra)


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