Sampada Gasifier Stove


This is a portable metallic stove. The fuel should be in the form of dry woody twigs, or wood shavings or wood chips. The fuel is put into the fuel chamber and lighted from the top. One full charge of fuel keeps the stove in operation for about 1 hour. The special feature of the stove is that charcoal is left behind in the fuel holder after the stove operation. Thus, the stove not only delivers clean cooking but also produces a valuable by-product in the form of charcoal.

Details in brief:

  • Stainless steel outer body, mild steel fuel chamber
  • Fuel: Wood chips, pellets, biomass briquettes, small twigs, wood chunks, etc.
  • Charcoal produced as a by-product

sampadastove1Features of Sampada Stove

Source of Additional income

After cooking, charcoal is left behind in fuel holder. Burning 1 kg of wood, leaves 200 g of charcoal.
Cost of fuel wood (1 kg) = INR 2
Value of charcoal by-product (200 gm) = INR 3
Hence, profit earned / kg used fuel = INR 1

A clean cooking device

Emission Results
(for cooking 2.5 lit of food)
mustardarrow CO = 8.1 gm
Particulate Matter = 69 mg

MRP of Sampada Gasifier Stove : INR 2150 (USD 43) (packaging and transport extra)