Samuchit Garden/Market/Agri/Forestry Waste Disposal System

samuchit charring kiln latestCharring kiln We provide consultancy as well as equipment for setting up your own renewable charcoal production unit.

Equipment: Samuchit charring kiln + char briquetting machine (hand operated or electricity operated)

Raw materials: agricultural waste, leaf litter, dry grass, pine needles, dry sticks and twigs, waste of timber industry, waste of bamboo processing, etc.

Ideally suited for livelihood generation.

The renewable charcoal is ideally suited for use with Samuchit Sarai System, or any other applications requiring slow release of heat.

MRP for kiln: INR 5,000

MRP for hand operated briquetting machine: INR 6,000

MRP for electric briquetting machine (without motor): INR 16,000

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