SWaCH Innovative Disposals

SWaCH Innovative DisposalMost of us are aware of one of the biggest modern-age disposal problems - disposing sanitary napkins and diapers. We know these are not biodegradable, and occupy huge land fills. The second worst problem, however, is for the waste pickers who have to handle these napkins - hundreds of them - everyday. Can you imagine a more nauseating thing to have to do? If someone else has to handle our bodily waste, we should ensure that they can do this job with a sense of dignity and without hazard to their health.

SWaCH has designed paper bags with a yellow tag on it, especially to be used for sanitary disposal. These bags, which are made out of recycled newspaper, have a string to allow them to be secured, and help the rag pickers identify the contents and can classify them without having to touch or handle the soiled napkin or diaper.

By buying these bags, you:

  • Spare the waste pickers from the indignity of handling your soiled sanitary napkins directly.
  • Contribute to a livelihood, since these bags are made by SWaCH women employees.
  • Do your bit to protect the environment, without compromising on your lifestyle.

Samuchit promotes these disposable bags. A packet of 50 bags is available for INR 50 at the Samuchit office. Upto 4 napkins can be rolled up and fitted in one bag, and then sealed and disposed.

Samuchit cares for what you dispose and how you dispose it.  Pick your packet from Samuchit today and encourage your friends and family to promote them too. Be modern, be responsible, be respectful.