Samuchit Lifestyle Products

D.light Solar Lanterns

dlight s20dlight d20

  • Portable lanterns
  • Uses the power of sun to replace electricity in your house.
  • No need to charge the lanterns in sunlight, these get charged by normal daylight.
  • Lamps can be charged anywhere.
  • Saves consumers money, and is energy-efficient 
  • Each product comes with a warranty.

 MRP (Packaging and Transport Extra) : INR 495, INR 645

Attractive discounts are available for bulk purchase. 


Solar Home Lighting System : D.light D.20

dlight d20 

  • Illuminates 3 rooms at a go.
  • Portable system.
  • D.light D.20 is a modular, upgradeable solar system for homes and small businesses around the globe.
  • Saves consumers money every day – and enables customers to upgrade to a maximum of 4 fixed lamps.
  • With the D.20 SHS, customers have the freedom and flexibility that comes from reliable, affordable and renewable off-grid light and power.
  • Comes with a USB charger to charge your phone.
  • Designed to provide light and power for 5 years or more.
  • Dual Solar / AC charging
  • Cable (6 meters long) for solar panel provided

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 MRP (Ex Factory) : INR 6190 onwards

 Attractive discounts are available for bulk purchase. 


SWaCH Dispo Bags

Samuchit Enviro-Tech promotes better garbage disposal for sanitary waste. INR 50 for a pack of 50 bags designed by SWaCH for disposing sanitary waste in a responsible way.
Click SWaCH Innovative Disposals to know more.



Olive Green Products

Samuchit promotes biodegradable disposal tableware

 olive green pictures

  • Made of Origo - a starch based bio-plastic made primarily from corn and yam.
  • Made from 100% bio-degradable and compostable material
  • Toxin free tableware which makes it a better choice compared to plastic and Styrofoam tableware.
  • These products are 68% carbon-neutral and hence they help reduce your carbon footprint too.
  • Strong, durable, reusable
  • Sturdier than most plastic or thermocole tableware
  • Microwaveable
  • Can replace plastic cups, spoons, plates and other plasticware in offices and commercial places (with tea/coffee vending machines), in canteens, restaurants, food take-aways, parties, functions, etc.

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MRP: INR 200 per pack of 100 items


 Nano Barbeque

nano barbeque

  • Nano Barbeque is a light weight totally stainless steel barbeque for vegetarian and non-vegetarian fans of grilled food!
  • The Nano Barbeque is a totally modular system that fits in an easy to carry bag. It is very easy to assemble and use.
  • It is the world's most lightweight barbeque at only 850 gm weight, and provides 85 sq. inch of grill area.
  • Its totally stainless steel body ensures elegant look, ease of cleaning, and durability.
  • Available in two sizes.

MRP of Nano Barbeque (Ex Factory): X4: INR 2460 (USD 50)
                                                             X5: INR 3299 (USD 66)

nano barbeque new