Improved Cook Stove Projects (2015 onwards)


1.Installation of 1000 improved cookstoves for tea estate workers with the aim to reduce fuel consumption(October 2015)

              Funded by: Help A Child India, Chennai (Project initiated through ICCo India)

              Location: Tinsukia in Assam


Cookstoves Tea estate works



2.Improved Biomass Wood Stove Survey, Design and Training in Khasi Hills REDD+ Project (September 2016)
              Funded by: KaSynjuk Ki HimaArliangWahUmiamMawphlang Welfare Society
              Location: Mawphlang, Meghalaya


Biomass Wood Stove Khasi Hills



3.Testing ICS Models for Adoption at Melghat Tiger Reserve Forest Area (October 2016)

               Funded by: Wildlife Research and Conservation Society& Maharashtra State Forest Department

               Location: Village Kanjoli, Melghat, Maharashtra


Cookstove Melghat 


4.Installation of Two Pot Stove with Chimney for tea estate workers (March 2017)

               Funded by: ICCo India

               Location: Dibrugarh, Assam


TwoPotStove tea estate



5.Improved Cook Stoves for Sundarban (Ongoing)

               Funder: Green Energy Against Poverty, Germany

               Location: Working Area of Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre in Sundarban around Gosaba


Cookstove Sundarban



6.Field Implementation of Energy Service Approach to Household and Institutional Cooking (Ongoing)

          Funded by: Green Energy Against Poverty, Germany (partially)
          Location: East Godavari and Srikakulum Districts, Andhra Pradesh

Household Cookstove



A few more projects as below:




Sr. No. Title of the Project Project
Funding Agency
01 Commercialisation of Improved Biomass Fuels and Cooking Devices in India: Scale Up
 2006-2009 Shell Foundation, UK, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)
02  Test Marketing Phillips Wood Stove in Maharashtra State 2006 Phillips Electronics India Ltd
03 Promotion of ARTI Energy Technologies in Dharwad District, Karnataka, India 2010 Deshpande Foundation, Hubli, Karnataka
04 Consultancy on Cooking Energy Solutions for a number of projects aimed at improving overall performance and efficacy of community kitchen programmes funded by various government agencies. 2013-2015 Swami Shivanand Memorial Institute (SSMI), New Delhi
05 “Development of a Decision Support System for Stakeholders in Clean Cooking Energy Sector” (Dr. Priyadarshini Karve was the Principal Investigator) 2014 Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC)
06 Grants for Innovation project “Clean and Green Cooking for Institutional Cooking” 2014-2015 Nexus, Singapore
07 “Field Testing of the AIREC Cooking Energy Decision Support Tool” 2015 GIZ, New Delhi
08 “Facilitating Availability of Social Impact Products at the doorstep of Rural Households, with special focus on Improved Cook-stoves” (Dr. Priyadarshini Karve is a consultant) 2015-2017 Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective and Tata Trusts
09 Advisor to the World Bank project “Providing Universal Access to Clean Cooking Services in Nepal” 2015-2016

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