Samuchit Sarai System - Jumbo

Samuchit Sarai is now available in a Jumbo avatar!

  • Jumbo Sarai is a steam cooker which can cook about 2 kg of rice, dal, etc. at one time, using only about 500g of charcoal/char briquettes.
  • The three pot stand gives flexibility to cook three different items like rice and rice based items, pulses, vegetables, potatoes, corn, meat and meat based items, eggs, idli, dhokla, cake, modak or dumplings,  etc. simultaneously.
  • No attention required once set up; resulting in effective time saving.
  • Useful for bulk cooking for a small eatery or food processing business or for a group of children in a village crèche or a small school.
sarai jumbo total
sarai jumbo parts

Sushmanth Smokeless Biomass Stove

sushmanth sushmanth 1

  • Clean and smokeless burning of biomass.
  • Reducing toxic emissions.
  • For bulk cooking in establishment like mess, canteen, restaurant, caterers, dining halls, roadside eateries.
  • Fuels used: firewood, biomass briquettes, coconut shells.
  • Fuel cost saving: 60-85%.   Available in the below two models



Model BS 230 SS/MS BS 300 SS/MS
Pot holder diameter (inch) 16 19
Height (inch) 30 30 
Combustion Area Diameter (inch) 9 12
Cooking Pot Diameter (inch) 24 36
Blower specs 60 watt single phase 60 watt single phase
Heat Output (kcal)

14,400 - 9,600

24,000 - 16,800
Rate of fuel use (kg/hr) 3.0 - 2.0 5.0 - 3.5
MRP - Ex Factory INR 22,000 (USD 440) INR 26,000 (USD 520)

Sampada Gasifier Stove


This is a portable metallic stove. The fuel should be in the form of dry woody twigs, or wood shavings or wood chips. The fuel is put into the fuel chamber and lighted from the top. One full charge of fuel keeps the stove in operation for about one hour. The special feature of the stove is that charcoal is left behind in the fuel holder after the stove operation. Thus, the stove not only delivers clean cooking but also produces a valuable by-product in the form of charcoal.

Salient features of Sampada Gasifier Stove

  • Stainless steel outer body, mild steel fuel chamber
  • Fuel: Wood chips, pellets, biomass briquettes, small twigs, wood chunks, etc.
  • Charcoal produced as a by-product

sampadastove1Source of Additional income
After cooking, charcoal is left behind in fuel holder.
Burning 1 kg of wood, leaves 200 g of charcoal.
Cost of fuel wood (1 kg) = INR 2
Value of charcoal by-product (200 gm) = INR 3
Hence, profit earned / kg used fuel = INR 1

A clean cooking device
Emission Results
(for cooking 2.5 lit of food)
mustardarrow CO = 8.1 gm
Particulate Matter = 69 mg


MRP of Sampada Gasifier Stove (Ex - Factory): INR 2150 (USD 43)

Samuchit Bharatlaxmi Improved Stove (Single Pot Fixed Stove)

bharatlaxmi stove Bharatlaxmi (meaning, wealth of India) is a state-of-the-art cooking stove designed on the lines of a fixed improved single pot hole stove that is already popular in Maharashtra, India.

The stove, sold as a kit, contains the following components:

  • Eight bricks of insulating cement (cut to specific dimensions)
  • Pieces of pliant metallic wire for tying the bricks together
  • Cast iron fire grate
  • Metallic pot holder


bharatlaxmi kit final The stove needs to be installed in a mud / cement platform.

The stove has undergone stringent efficiency, durability and emission testing.

Salient Features of Samuchit Bharatlaxmi stove

  • Effective in reducing IAP in low income households in rural areas of India
  • About 50% reduction in fuel consumption and about 30% reduction in cooking time.
  • Affordable to rural population
  • No behavioural change required on part of the user compared with traditional horseshoe shaped chulha
  • Releases 80% less smoke as compared to a traditional chulha.

MRP of the Easy-to-Install Kit (ex-Factory): INR 900  (USD 18), Installation Cost extra

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