Samuchit ELFD Sampada Smokeless Stove

Samuchit ELFD Sampada Smokeless Stove

This stove is designed for community cooking.

ELFD March2016 Photo

Fuels used:

Fire wood, woody waste like coconut shells, ground nut shells, corn cobs, etc., agricultural waste like cotton stalks, arhar stalks, etc., biomass briquettes, biomass pellets.Ideal for hostels, temples, community kitchens, canteens, etc.

  • Smokeless operation, flame quality and intensity better than LPG.
  • Based on forced draft gasification, which is the cleanest way of using solid biomass fuels for thermal applications.
  • Money Saving, particularly for institutional cooking and small eateries. About 50% reduction in fuel cost!
  • Time saving, particularly for institutional cooking and small eateries.
  • Simmering on low fire possible by switching from Forced Draft to Natural Draft, and controlloing fuel addition (not possible with other forced draft stoves, due to the danger of damaging the fan/blower).
  • Residual heat available for warming food, heating water, milk, etc. (not available with LPG stove).
  • Waste biomass can be used as fuel - renewable and environment friendly.
Model Pot Holder Diameter (in inch) Maximum Cooking Pot Diameter (in inch) Burning Rate for Fuel (kg/hr) Equivalent LPG replacement (kg/hr) Monetary saving relative to LPG (INR/hr) Equivalent fuel replacement relative to traditional stove (kg/hr) Monetary saving relative to traditional stove (INR/hr)
Small Eatery 7 18 3-4 (varies depending on fuel type) 0.5 60* 6-8 (varies depending on fuel type) 20*

*Rate of fuel wood assumed: INR 5 per kg, Rate of commercial LPG as on date is approx INR 80 per kg.

Cooking Data:

Khichadi of 15 kg of rice + 4 kg of vegetable can be cooked in 35 min, with 2 kg of firewood.